Bridging the Gap: How Mario Dominic’s Honey Business Soaring with

Bridging the Gap: How Mario Dominic’s Honey Business Soaring with

Meet Mario Dominic, a young honey seller from Wau, South Sudan, who is taking his small local business to new heights with the help of digital skills and e-commerce. Mario used to sell his natural honey in the bustling Suk Wau market, where each jar earned him a modest amount. However, he knew that in the capital city Juba, that same jar could fetch a much higher price. The only problem was, he couldn’t reach customers in Juba without an e-commerce service.

Everything changed when Mario received training on digital skills and e-commerce. Fueled by newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, he decided to seize the opportunity and open an online shop on, a platform that offers its services free of charge. With his virtual store now up and running, Mario’s customer base expanded beyond the boundaries of Wau city.

In just three months, Mario successfully sold honey through, and this was just the beginning of his success. Leveraging the platform’s nationwide reach, he started connecting with customers in Juba and other states where his honey commanded a higher price. As a result, his revenue started growing significantly, turning his dreams into a reality.

Through, Mario not only increased his earnings but also discovered the transformative power of technology for his business. The digital skills training he received empowered him to navigate the online marketplace, opening doors to new opportunities and a broader customer base.

Mario’s journey exemplifies the remarkable impact of e-commerce and how it can positively transform the lives of entrepreneurs in underserved regions. With unwavering determination, a willingness to embrace digital solutions, and the right training, individuals like Mario can overcome challenges and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape. His inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to explore the vast potential of e-commerce and carve their own path to success.

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Rifat Islam

Rifat Islam is a development professional driving digital transformation in Bangladesh and South Sudan, focusing on fostering the growth of digital economy ecosystem. He dedicates his time to helping entrepreneurs and youth to thrive in their businesses and careers. For inquiries or collaborations, you can reach him at [email protected], let's make a lasting impact!

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